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Pauline Sasaki left us prematurely and unexpectedly on September 8, 2010, joining that spiritual Universe with which she was always in deep contact throughout all her life.  A great loss for the Shiatsu world and for me personally a deep grief.

pauline 01.jpeg

Pauline was a very special person, a great Master;  in my opinion, she introduced as revolutionary concepts in the work and interaction with Energy as did Shizuto  Masunage 70’ in the Shiatsu world in Japan.  We can give her the merit of having developed Masunaga style into a multidimensional approach remaining faithful to his basic concepts and principles.

Starting from Masunaga Shiatsu, her work evolved into the Quantum Shiatsu and later into the Advanced Quantum Shiatsu, an absolutely fascinating work that contacts and interacts with the whole energetic system of the Human Being.  An approach that, being based on a multidimensional vision of the Human Being, assists him in re-connecting with the “Source”, with his divine origin, reminding him about the dignity, power and  beauty that belong to him by right of birth.

Pauline was a great Teacher, she would transmit her knowledge and share her experience with great generosity and great passion, opening new visions and possibilities, supporting her students, their abilities, their talents and reinforcing their confidence in themselves and in Shiatsu.


It is now the task of those who studied with her to continue to spread her work so that it is not lost nor forgotten, but can still be transmitted to those who believe in the unfinite potentials and possibilities of Shiatsu.


Her smile, her bright intelligence, her great heart, her passion for her work, her penetrating eyes that could see beyond time and space, her hands, her touch will always stay in our heart .


I feel greatly honoured and grateful for having had the privilege of studying with her all those years and I wish to thank her again for having taken me where I am now, for having always encouraged and supported me, for having believed in me and for having been a marvellous life companion.

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