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Quantum Shiatsu Evolution

What is Quantum Shiatsu?

Quote from Pauline Sasaki’s website:


“Quantum Shiatsu is a style of bodywork that recognizes the multi-dimensional aspects of energy in the physical body. Most styles of shiatsu base their theory and practice solely on the ancient principles derived from Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. Quantum Shiatsu goes a step further and incorporates concepts from Quantum Physics that illustrate how the physical body can work as an expanding and contracting field of energetic vibrations. When we access this part of our physical makeup, we open ourselves up to the full spectrum of energy that is available for human use.


We are able to feel how the energetic body can expand and create a larger body of vibrations which we call the Ether body. This Ether body has the ability to expand into an even larger body called the Astral body. When we access each one of these expanding bodies, we tap into more of our potential for healing and self-realization


In Quantum Shiatsu, we take advantage of this vast pool of energy by infusing it back into the physical body through the process of contraction. We accomplish this by incorporating meridians, pressure points, chakras, and the virtual strands of our DNA into Shiatsu technique”.

The ultimate aim of this work is in fact to imprint, through our touch, the expansive vibrations that define our spiritual reality into our physical body so that our receivers may regain their oneness and become a “body of light”:   they will be fully very present at the physical level and, at the same time, totally connected with their spiritual level, with their Higher Self.  In this way the qualities that define their spiritual reality: love, compassion, harmony, etc. may manifest in their physical reality, enhancing a process of spiritual healing and growth.


Gabriella participated in a restricted Advanced Study Group Pauline Sasaki conducted during the last seven years of her life. Pauline shared with this group, year after year, her knowledge and her experience in interacting with the human being’s energetic system at all the levels of its manifestation and in promoting the process of transformation and unification.


After Pauline left, Gabriella started to offer Workshops on Quantum Shiatsu so that Pauline’s work and her very special intuitions and innovative ideas would not be lost but could become a precious tool for those who have made of their passion for Shiatsu their life philosophy and their profession.

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