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Quantum Shiatsu
on the path of Pauline Sasaki


Gabriella Poli

“What are we?  Spirits, Beings of Light in a human physical form … complex beings living in a reality of infinite possibilities that resonate far beyond the physical body.  This expanded version of being human is the energetic body and it is through the energetic body that we truly discover what our full human potential is”.


Quote from Pauline Sasaki’s DVD “The Human Potential”


This article will include a number of quotes—in Italics in the text--from Pauline Sasaki’s DVD “The Human Potential” and from her writings.  For some subjects, I could not find better and clearer words than hers and I also felt that, by quoting her, her knowledge, her wisdom and her teachings could still resonate in the heart of the Shiatsu people who will read this article.




Pauline left us prematurely on September 8, 2010, joining that Spiritual Universe with which she was always in deep contact throughout all her life.  


Pauline was a very special person, a great Master and a great Teacher. She would pass on her knowledge and share her experience with great generosity and great passion, opening new visions and possibilities, supporting her students, their abilities, their talents and reinforcing their confidence in themselves and in Shiatsu.


Her smile, her bright intelligence, her great heart, her passion for her work, her penetrating eyes that could see beyond time and space, her hands, her touch will always stay in the heart of those who studied and worked with her.





“Quantum Shiatsu is a style of bodywork that recognizes the different manifestations of energy in the human body.  A Shiatsu that goes beyond the 3-Dimensions of the material world to open up to the multi-dimensions of the Human Being. 


Most styles of Shiatsu base their theory and practice solely on the ancient principles derived from Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. Quantum Shiatsu goes a step further and incorporates concepts from Quantum Physics that illustrate how the physical body can work as an expanding and contracting field of energetic vibrations.  When we access this part of our physical makeup, we open ourselves up to the full spectrum of energy that is available for human use.” 


Opening up to our full spectrum of energy means to be totally present in our physical reality, in the predominantly contractive manifestation of our energetic system, and, at the same time, totally in contact with our spiritual reality, with the predominantly expansive manifestation of our energy.





Pauline would say that her choice of the word “Quantum” came from the book “Quantum Healing” by Deepak Chopra and from the definition that the Oxford Dictionary gives of the word “Quantum”.


Deepak Chopra describes the quantic event as the one that allows “nature to  become flexible enough to allow the inexplicable transformation of non-matter into matter, of time into space, of mass into energy”.  The Oxford Dictionary defines the term Quantum as “a sudden increase or going forward”. 


“My development in Shiatsu has been a “sudden increase or progress” in the understanding of how I perceive the human form and how I work with it with Shiatsu.”


“Even if my knowledge of Quantum Physics is not so deep, the information I have gathered extrapolated from this science seems to explain the many experiences I have had in the healing process using Shiatsu.”





“Energy comes into being through a never ending cycle of contraction and expansion.


“In the contractive phase, energy tends to manifest itself by becoming more structured and concrete.  When an energetic form is in the contractive phase, the speed of the vibrations slows down and tends to separate out into its parts” … 


“The expansive phase is characterized by a fast rate of vibrations.  This causes the energy to free itself by becoming less concrete and structured.  During this phase the energy organizes itself so that the parts end up merging together.  This process of unification results in an energetic form that is clearly outlined and contained but not broken down into its parts”…


When we consider the body in terms of parts, we tend to focus our attention on any part which is not in tune with the rest of the body and our tendency will be to “fix it”.  We can define this the “curative approach” as our aim will be to correct, to cure what is wrong in the body. 


An approach which may be very effective but which ignores “the body’s natural drive to pool on its healthy aspects to correct the body as a whole.  In short, we lose sight of that vital aspect of the body that is capable of healing itself.”


It is in the expansive phase that we can get in contact and interact with the healthy aspects of the energetic body.   


In Quantum Shiatsu, therefore, we do not focus on what is not functioning, but we connect with the anti-pathogenic energy, which, as mentioned above, is predominant in the energy expansive phase. We work with our receivers’ strength, with their healing power;  we encourage them to use their potentials, to remember what their birthrights are;  we try to remind them about their perfection, their Divine blueprint;  we ultimately support them in reconnecting with who they really are.  


When working with our receivers’ symptoms or discomforts, we will address them as the missing pieces of a puzzle:  in order to know where to put the piece, you need to know the whole puzzle.  Working with the whole becomes indispensable to be able to work with a part.  




“The energetic body comprises of many different layers that vibrate at different speeds”.  


Pauline would call the slower layer the Material Body.  The Material Body comprises the physical body, our anatomy and physiology, and the light body, our meridians and chakras


“The Material Body represents the world of 3-Dimensions operating in linear time and space.  It works with energy quantitatively and directionally…  It  forms the essential core of the energetic body because it grounds and anchors the energy in the human forms”.


Pauline would call the next layer of the energetic body the Personal Body. 


“The personal body is an extension of the light body that is not confined by the borders of the material body”. 


When the Material Body and the Personal Body vibrate at the same rate of expansion, they merge and operate as one unity that Pauline called the Ether Body. 


“The Ether Body is a reflection of our thoughts, emotions and physicality, all bond into one, that part of our energy that is subject to the pull of gravity and gives us a sense that we are here on Earth.  It is also a point of reference in understanding our physical reality”.


The next layer of the energetic body, predominantly more expansive, is what Pauline called the Astral Body 


“The Astral Body is an organized field of energy held together by a grid-like framework.  This allows energy to vibrate freely and reinforce its expansive nature.


The energy of the Astral Body extends out into the Universe and it is at this point that our receivers can get in touch with what Pauline would define as a Divine vibration. “The Astral Body is that part of ourselves that connects us with the Divine Source.”


The objective of our work is to encourage and assist our receivers to open up to the full spectrum of their energy, to be totally present in the multidimensional aspects of their energetic body, so that they can discover and access their full human potential.


To achieve this objective, Quantum Shiatsu offers us various and diversified tools that allow enough versatility in our approach to be able to contact each person in the uniqueness of his energetic structure:

  • On-the-body techniques:


When we work on the body, we use a touch that incorporates both the contractive and expansive phases of the energy.  This allows us to contact and interact with all the levels of our receivers’ energetic system—physical, emotional, mental, spiritual—and it allows us to be present and use all of our energy vibrational range.  In order to achieve this objective, we use body alignment and relaxed body weight (expansive phase) and depth of penetration (contractive phase);  i.e. when we lean we are aligned between Heaven and Earth, expanded in the space around us, our hands totally relaxed (expansive phase) and, at the same time, we are using all our body weight to lean deep into the receiver’s body (contractive phase).


We work alternating hands in order to be able to adapt our rhythm to the speed of our receiver’s vibrations.  We do not use, therefore, the “traditional” mother hand, because both hands play this role alternatively.  What is most important, however, is that in using a faster rhythm, we do not lose the depth of penetration as, again, contraction and expansion must be present in our touch.


We work the Meridians as light, as a vibration that resonates both in 

physical body and in the energetic field.


When we use on-the-body techniques, we observe and monitor not only what is happening in the physical body, but also any energy movements and changes which are happening in the field around the body.


And, of course, we take good and thorough care of any physical symptoms, connecting, as mentioned above, with our receivers’ healthy energy, with their self-healing power and not focusing on that part which is “wrong”. 

  • Off-the-body techniques: 


      We use off-the-body techniques:

- When we want to specifically address the receiver’s energetic field, his outer bodies and interact and work with them.  The outer bodies, being a manifestation, an expression of energy, have “substance”, they are as real and present as it is the physical body and, therefore, we need specific and clear techniques to work with them.


- When we work with Chakras:


A chakra, as we all know, is a centre for receiving, processing and transmitting cosmic energy through the human form. 


When working with chakras, Pauline would especially focus on the rights connected with them, i.e.:  


Chakra 1:the right to be and the right to have

Chakra 2: the right to feel

Chakra 3: the right to act and the right to react

Chakra 4: the right to love and the right to be loved

Chakra 5: the right to speak and the right to be heard

Chakra 6: the right to see and the right to be seen

Chakra 7: the right to know and the right to be known. 


- When we use Sacred Geometry symbols.


In the last year of her life, when she was already more and more in contact with the world of energy, Pauline introduced the use of Sacred Geometry symbols in her Quantum Shiatsu.


Sacred Geometry is the blueprint of Creation and the genesis of all forms.

It is an ancient science that explores and explains the energy patterns that create and unify all things and reveals the precise way that the energy of Creation organizes itself. 


On every scale, every natural pattern of growth or movement conforms inevitably to one or more geometric shapes.


All life forms as we know them, emerge out of timeless geometric codes:  the molecules of our DNA, the cornea of our eye, snow flakes, pine cones, flower petals, diamond crystals, the branching of trees, a nautilus shell, the star we spin around, the galaxy we spiral within, etc. etc. 


- When we activate the DNA virtual strands:


DNA activation techniques are based on the theory that, besides the 2 DNA strands recognized by traditional science, there are 10 virtual strands of DNA,  which lie dormant in most people.  Pauline would refer to these 10 virtual strands as the “Light Strands of our DNA”. 


“Some scientists and spiritual teachers as well as experienced body workers have hypothesized that there is a higher level of consciousness that lies latent in our DNA. This higher consciousness contains information from the so-called “Divine Blueprint”.  This Blueprint is symbolic of our divine intelligence that guides us to our own perfection, on both our physical and spiritual planes, stimulating the divine intelligence that is at the core of the DNA activation techniques”.

  • Mindset


In Quantum Shiatsu we do not use many different techniques as the important thing is not which technique we use but how we use it.  And in this context mindset is a very powerful and versatile tool.


“Mindset is a thought command that resonates at a faster vibrational level, a thought command that adapts a technique to a particular condition or response. 

Mindset creates a virtual reality that is transmuted into a physical reality”.


Mindset is what we think, our intentions, our offers, our suggestions to the energetic system of our receivers. 


  • Modelling


The way we set our energy, at all levels, becomes a “model” for the receiver.  How we relax or expand one part of our body, how we create a certain feeling in ourselves (calmness, assertiveness, peace, a ready-to-go feeling, etc. etc.) will resonate in the receiver’s energetic system (body, mind, spirit) making us an “energetic model” for him.


Modelling emphases the importance of the giver/receiver relationship, and reinforces the concept that “the observer affects the observed reality”. 

In her teaching, Pauline always stressed that what is most important when using all these tools is “to know what you are doing, why you are doing it and what is the response of the receiver” She would also add that another essential component is to have faith and trust in yourself, in your Shiatsu and in the Universe.





“Our spiritual reality has no meaning until it manifests in our physical reality.  And our physical reality cannot change or develop until it organizes itself in the context of our spiritual reality …”


Hence, the ultimate aim of Quantum Shiatsu is to imprint the astral body vibrations, into the physical body so that “the expanded vibrations that define the spiritual reality--love, compassion, forgiveness, harmony, etc.--can manifest in the contracted vibrations that give shape to the physical reality, thus enhancing a process of spiritual healing and growth”.





Based on my experience, I can conclude that Quantum Shiatsu is a very innovative, coherent, honest, powerful and effective approach to the energetic system of our receivers.  It may definitely improve the quality of their life as it helps them recover the feeling of their oneness and encourages them to use all of their human potential.


Quantum Shiatsu supports our receivers in aligning their physical body with their spiritual vibrations, integrating them into a physical format.  It assists them to reconnect with the Divine Source and it encourages them to follow their own unique path;  ultimately, it offers them the possibility of becoming who they truly are.

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