Gabriella Poli

Gabriella gets in contact with Shiatsu for the first time in 1985, because of a physical problem that she overcomes completely after a series of Shiatsu treatments.  It is after this experience, that she decides to leave her job in an Agency of the United Nations, where she was holding a consolidated and safe position, to totally dedicate herself to this discipline.



With great dedication Gabriella has always engaged to ensure a high quality training in the Rome Center, also through the enriching contribution of outside world-known Teachers, such as Clifford Andrews, Saul Goodman (with whom she completed the Shin Tai training program), Dianne Connelly, Pauline Sasaki and others.


Among these Teachers, it is Pauline Sasaki who mostly influence Gabriella’s Shiatsu,  becoming her Master and over the years a precious friend.   Since 1992, Gabriella studies with her in Italy, Europe and the United States and she takes part in the last seven years of Pauline’s life in a restricted Study Group on her Advanced Quantum Shiatsu®, this revolutionary approach to the energy system becoming her main field of research and experience.


Unfortunately, Pauline leaves us in 2010 and it is at this point that Gabriella decides to share the teachings that Pauline so generously had given her, and her experience in this work, offering, both in Italy and Europe, Workshops on Pauline’s Advanced Quantum Shiatsu.